Our nation’s younger generations represent our future. They’re busy learning and growing so that tomorrow they can solve many of the complex problems that face us today. One of the most important things we can do is keep them safe and protected so that they can focus on learning and creating a bright future for themselves and the world.

Unfortunately, security threats in schools are more common today than ever before. Keeping schools safe is a complex puzzle, and every piece of security adds a layer of protection. In this post, our security film installation pros at Sun Control of Minnesota discuss how security film can keep schools safer and add one more piece to the security puzzle.

First Identify Vulnerable Entry Points

A learning institution has many windows, both inside and out. Windows represent one of a facility’s most vulnerable aspects, as they can easily grant access to intruders who want into a building.

Security experts often cite windows as one of the primary areas of concern in mitigating a building’s vulnerability. They often address security or safety window film as an essential component of protecting a building’s windows from intrusion. 

Combined with other layers of security, security film can help reduce the risk of an intruder infiltrating a facility and bypassing other security measures.

How Security Film Works to Protect Windows

Security film is applied to the interior side of a window’s glass. It adheres to the glass, causing the glass to remain intact when it is impacted. This makes it much more difficult to penetrate a building’s defenses because the glass is far tougher to break.

While it is not necessarily bulletproof against all models of firearms, it is much more challenging to get through than unprotected glass and serves as a barrier.

3M security film protects in three crucial ways.

Keeps Glass From Breaking

A security window film works wonders for preventing an intruder/thief from breaking into your property. Since the film acts as a bandage and keeps the pieces together, the glass won’t shatter easily if the thieves decide to break your window.

Maintains Glass in Frame

In the event of an explosion, or natural disaster, windows and glass surfaces usually shatter into a million pieces that can cause severe damage.

However, a security window film can hold those pieces of glass together in the frame to avoid any injuries/damages.

Slows Infiltration

A security film can help slow down the criminals. Because of the durability of a security window film, it will take several minutes for the intruders to break the glass windows.

This alone gives the schools enough time to call the authorities and avoid a potential catastrophe

Types of Security Films

When it comes to security films, there are mainly two main types: Commercial-grade films and Residential safety and security films.

Commercial Grade Security Film

The 3M commercial-grade security film provides the ultimate UV protection. Also, the strong nature of the security film can enhance your school and business's security.

Moreover, security films also provide low reflectivity and high visual permeation, preventing the glass from shattering through impact. Best of all, you can get commercial-grade security films in plenty of colors.

  • Ultra Night Vision 25
  • Ultra Prestige 50
  • Ultra Prestige 70
  • Ultra S600
  • Ultra S800 Clear

Residential Security Films

Residential security films are comparatively thicker, but they still let inadequate light. Also, they are designed to withstand strong impact, preventing the glass from shattering.

Additionally, the residential grade film blocks UV rays which will protect your furniture. The best feature of residential safety films is that you can get four different levels of protection depending on the model number; the higher the model number is, the thicker the film will be.

  • Safety S40
  • Safety S70
  • Safety S90
  • Safety S140

Benefits Of Using Security Films For School

Here are a few of the many benefits of having security films in schools!

Increases Time to Respond to Threats

Time is crucial when it comes to stopping intruders. While security film won’t necessarily stop intruders, it significantly slows them down, allowing time for law enforcement agencies or security to respond to a call.

It can also serve as a deterrent, causing intruders to abandon their plans altogether. Because it can take so long to break, those who are inside will also have more time to get to safety and secure interior doors.

Can Withstand Big Impacts

Whether you are getting the film for your home, school, or a car, a security film is designed for glass windows to withstand a significant impact.

And even if the glass breaks, it will stay in one piece in the frame rather than shattering into thousands of pieces. This shatter-resistant film is ideal in case of break-ins in your school, blasts, vandalism, etc., since it will help avoid any injuries.

Security film also protects against impact from baseballs and other flying objects.

Helps Prevent Invasions

Having security window film is a great way to prevent vandalism and break-ins, both common problems for many schools.

If someone tries to break your window, the glass may break, but it will remain in place. The security film holds the glass in place.

Additionally, it also makes it difficult for thieves to enter your property due to the durable nature of the security film.

Provides Protection From Harsh Weather

Besides serving as a security measure, security and safety film can protect students from less sinister outside forces that could still pose a risk.

If your school is in a city that is frequented by storms and tornadoes, adding protection to your glass surfaces is incredibly important. Since glass is generally fragile, it can easily shatter if the wind hits the windowpane strongly.

Installing security film on your windows will help protect against strong winds.

Twin Cities 3M Security Film Installation for Schools

If students are not safe in the classroom, it is a failure that will impact our entire community. With a 3M security film, students get an added layer of protection from security risks and other hazards. It is also a cost-effective security option when school budgets are tight.

Our Sun Control of Minnesota security film installation team can provide a professional consultation to assess and identify your window security options. Contact us to set up yours at 651.490.1060, or connect with us to discuss how we can meet your school’s needs.