The look of your office workspace is part of what creates a productive, positive environment for your employees and clients alike. Often, glass barriers are used to separate the space within an office and create individual workspaces. Unfortunately, glass barriers in an office environment don’t do much to promote a sense of privacy many employees need to feel productive at work. It can also make clients feel uncomfortable to know others are looking on as they make important business decisions.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ve got a perfect solution to your office privacy problem that preserves the transparency you need but gives employees and clients a little space. Read on to learn how decorative window film can create privacy in your office.


How Decorative Window Film Options Add to Your Office

At Sun Control, we often encounter offices where the existing glass is very bland and gives employees and clients a sense of unease. We can provide decorative window film that adds privacy and decoration you and your clients will love. Our custom printing division can create anything you imagine for your window film. Feature a project you’re working on or your company log. If you can dream it, our team can create it.


Here are some of the biggest ways you’ll benefit from decorative window film:


1.      Preserve Privacy Through Exterior Windows

Decorative window film in your office is incredibly useful when applied to exterior windows. It shields the interior of your office from the outside, offering a higher level of security.  It can also feature an advertisement for your business.


2.      Provide Discretion for Clients

When you meet with clients in your conference space or office, they need to feel like their privacy is going to be protected. Decorative window film can offer that discretion so your client can feel comfortable to do business.


3.      Foster a Positive Workspace

Having privacy makes your employees feel more at ease in the workplace. But you can also create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop that everyone will enjoy working in. Whether you install an attractive city landscape for your conference room or smiling patients for your dental office, you’ll be setting a positive tone for everyone in the building.




Contact Our Decorative Window Film Team for Your Office Makeover

If you’re ready to cover your glass partitions and windows with something exciting that promotes your organization’s mission or brand, we’re here to help. We can work with you to help you choose a design. Or we can take a concept you’ve been considering and help you make your dream a reality.


To find out more about our decorative window film options, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online.