There’s really nothing quite like the beauty of natural hardwood floors. Hardwood is a classic flooring option that looks stunning in almost any home. In a contemporary home, hardwood offers a bold, modern complement to clean lines. In more traditional homes, hardwood adds a layer of charm and class. Whether you’ve got sleek, modern hardwood or rustic hardwood flooring, what you don’t want is to see it lose its luster after a few years in the sun.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ve discovered the perfect solution for protecting your hardwood from the sun’s harmful rays. Read on to learn how window tint is the perfect way to keep your hardwood looking spectacular year after year.


Sunlight: The Enemy of Hardwood

Have you ever just sat in your living room and watched the golden sunlight filter through as its lovely beams warm your floor? Unfortunately, all of those beautiful rays are probably doing a number on your floor. If you’ve ever moved your furniture around after leaving it in the direct sunlight for a year or more, you’ve probably seen the sunlight’s power bleach your floors.


This discoloration can range from minor to significant depending on the duration of exposure, directness of sunlight, and type of hardwood. You may have thought about putting up blackout blinds, but who wants to give up the warmth of a bright living space?


Sunlight can also damage many of these other belongings:

●        Furniture

●        Textiles

●        Art


Understanding the Science of Sun Damage

The process behind the lightening effect from the sun is actually quite scientific. It’s the same principle behind the shadow art school children make by placing a leaf on colored paper and leaving it in the sun. The scientific terminology for this process is “photochemical oxidation.”


When the sun’s rays come into contact with the atomic structure of your hardwood, free radicals are produced. This initiates the oxidation process, which lightens wood at varying rates depending on what type of wood it is. This can also dull your hardwood as it discolors it.


Beautiful Hardwood Without Losing the Sun

No one wants to have to choose between beautiful hardwood and warm sunlight. Fortunately, you don’t have to retreat into darkness. Did you know that 3M residential window tint can allow you to have both? It’s resistant to visible light, solar heat, and UV rays that cause your hardwood floors to fade. Window tint allows you to enjoy the sun without the glare, and it’s available in several levels of tint.


Call Our Residential Window Tinting Team!

Whether you’ve got rich, maple floors or rustic hickory, you want your hardwood floors to look great years from now. You don’t have to board up the windows to protect the floor. After all, every day in Minnesota is a beautiful day!


Talk to us about the level of lighting you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your home. We’ve also got decorative window film and security film to protect your home. If you’re ready to live in the sunlight, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to learn more.