If you’re blessed with a home with an abundance of windows, you know it can be tough to find a balance when it comes to window coverings. Bright, open windows are beautiful in the right lighting, but when the sun’s light hits them directly, it can be tough to manage indoors. The sun’s heat can be miserable in the direct light, and those bright rays can cause a good deal of damage by lightening your art, furniture, and floors. Automated blinds are one of the most popular solutions to this problem, but they’re not without their downside.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ve found a better solution. Read on to learn how adding window tint to your home can be a great alternative or complement to automated blinds.


1.      Enjoy the View

Automated window shades can seem pretty handy. They allow you to adjust the lighting in a room without having to fumble over tricky blind pulls that can get tangled and twisted. They also let you do adjust them from across a room. But unfortunately, even when they’re open, they are still partially obstructing the view. Our 3M residential window tinting allows you to enjoy a completely unobstructed view while still filtering the sun’s heat and UV rays.


2.      Protect Your Belongings

Solar heat and UV rays have a damaging and discoloring effect on your furnishings. When you open your automated blinds all the way to enjoy the sunlight, even if it’s a cool winter day, the sun’s rays can fade your belongings. Combining window tint with your automated window blinds will protect your belongings even when you’re enjoying your wide open vistas,


3.      Protect Your Home’s Security

Automated blinds can add privacy to your home, but they don’t do much to add to your home’s security. When you combine residential window tint with your automated blinds, you’ll get an added layer of security for your home. Our window tint adds a shatter resistance to your windows. This makes it much harder for your windows to break in case of intrusion or powerful winds.


Minneapolis-St. Paul Residential Window Tinting

Whether you’re considering automated blinds or you’ve already got them, residential window tint may be the missing element your home needs. Our 3M film is available in a range of shades and colors, and you can even add a gradient film to your windows.


If you’re looking for additional, comfort and protection, residential film beats out automated blinds alone every time. To learn more, give our team a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online for more information.