If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic in the dead heat of summer, you know there’s no amount of car air conditioning that can cool you enough if your windows don’t offer any protection from the sun’s summer rays. In fact, the sun’s rays can cause all kinds of damage to your car and even the passengers inside of it.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer automotive window tint to protect your car and everyone who rides in it. Read on to learn about how automotive window tint works to protect your vehicle.


3M Protective Window Film

At Sun Control, we offer a variety of window films to tint your car and keep out the heat. In Minnesota on a passenger vehicle, you can legally add up to a fifty percent window film on every window in your car except for the front windshield.


Check out these three ways our ceramic window tint protects your vehicle:


1.      Heat Reduction And UV Protection

Ceramic window film rejects about 53 percent of the incoming heat and 99 percent of harmful UV rays coming in through the window. When you’re sitting in the heat and roll the window up and down, you can immediately feel the difference in heat with our ceramic window tint. It makes for a more comfortable ride while at the same time providing UV protection for your passengers. In fact, you don’t need to go super dark to keep out a lot of heat. Ceramic film can actually keep out more heat than dark factory tint on many new cars.


2.      Added Safety Feature

We install the window film on the interior of the window. The adhesive is very sticky, which means if there ever was an accident and the window was to break or shatter, the window film on the inside will hold all of those tiny glass fragments together. That lowers the risk of a family member or child getting impacted by the broken glass.


3.      Custom Design and Quality Product

The computer does most of the work for us, giving you a nice clean edge on the top with no light gaps on the side or bottom of your window tint so it will look like it just came off the showroom floor. We install tint on all back windows in one piece, leaving no seam lines. We don’t cut around any brake lights, which means you end up with a beautiful product.


Minnesota Automotive Window Tint

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we take pride in creating beautiful window tint that will keep your car cool while offering added protection from breaking. Our window film comes with a lifetime nationwide warranty. We back the product one hundred percent and so does our manufacturer. To have your 3M automotive window tint installed, call our installers at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to learn more about our window tint packages.