There’s nothing quite like a beautiful window to connect your home with the world outdoors. But for all the beauty of a bright picture window, the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays can be damaging to your home.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer 3M film to provide your home with both security and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  Window film can solve many problems in a home. Here are a few ways our residential window film can protect your home.


The Versatility of 3M Film

3M window film is available in a wide range of styles and options. Designs can be created to mimic decorative wallpaper in your home. There’s a custom printed version as well as many pre-printed films.


For example, the Ultra Series Prestige 70 includes not only a security portion but also a solar portion for two-in-one performance. 3M Ultra S800 security film works well for an entry door. On the outside of a window, you might add 3M exterior safety film for a double layer of protection.


3M film solves three main problems homeowners have when it comes to glass:


1.      Protection From Fading

UV rays can deteriorate interiors and cause your furniture, artwork, and other belongings to fade. Our 3M film protects your belongings from fading by blocking up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


2.      Heat Reduction

The heat coming through can be uncomfortable and increase bills in warmer weather. However, 3M film reduces a significant amount of heat from the sun’s rays, lowering the cooling costs in your home. It’s the perfect solution for the bathroom window, home sidelight, or front door entry that lets in too much visibility day and night.


3.      Protection Against Impact

Window film security solutions can make a great impact in your home. From a residential standpoint, the film is practically invisible. Although it’s hard to even tell our film is there, if someone wanted to break the glass, it would take longer and cause more noise, which makes your home more secure. This makes window film a great solution as an aftermarket security feature for your home.



Minnesota Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

If you’re not sure which window film is right for your home, our experts can help. We can talk about the different rooms of your home and develop a plan that combines sun and heat reduction with impact protection. We can also show you some of our designs and talk about how they can create the look you’ll love in your home. If you’re ready to talk about your options, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to learn more about our window tint.