Your office is an important representation of your company’s image. When clients stop by, your ability to create a professional appearance can leave a lasting impression on them. An attractive office that reinforces your brand image is your best bet for making that impression a good one, but fading from the sun’s UV rays can make your office look worn out and shabby.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer commercial window tinting to reduce the damage done by the sun’s rays and keep your office looking great even with bright, open windows. We’ve put together this guide to talk about how 3M film protects your office from UV damage.


UV Radiation and Your Office

UV radiation may be invisible to the naked eye, but the damage it causes can be very noticeable over time. If you’ve ever moved a rug or switched the furniture around in your office, you may have noticed fading on your hardwood or carpet.


That’s because UV rays cause a chemical oxidation process which affects the surface of your floor, causing discoloration. Because this effect takes so long to take over, it can be difficult to see until the damage is fairly noticeable.


UV radiation can damage all of these things:

●        Art

●        Posters

●        Furniture

●        Drapes and window covers

●        Carpet and flooring


How to Stop UV Damage

Once UV damage has taken its toll on your office furnishings, it can make your office look outdated and unprofessional. When your floor and furniture are faded, the only solution is to replace them. A better option is to prevent the discoloration from taking effect to begin with. In order to stop the fading caused by UV light, the best solution is to block those damaging UV rays. Not only does this protect your furniture, but it actually helps to reduce the cost of cooling your office in warm weather. It also protects your building’s occupants from the harmful effects of UV light.


3M Film Window Tinting

By applying 3M window tint to your windows, you can block most of the sun’s harmful UV without missing out on the light you want. Our commercial window tinting is available in various levels of tint. That means you don’t have to compromise the view outside with your window tint. The added layer of tint can also mean added security, making your window shatterproof.


Minnesota 3M Window Tint Experts

If you’re ready to protect your office furnishings and floor from the sun’s rays, we can help. Our commercial window tinting experts offer a wide range of safety and security films for your office. Whether you’re interested in privacy or simply softening the sunlight into your office at midday, we’ve got the perfect film for you. To order your safety film, give our team a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to learn more.