When you think of automotive window tinting, the first thing that comes to mind may be the super dark window tint on collectors’ vehicles. Automotive window tint is something that many of us take for granted. However, adjusting the level of window tint on your vehicle or upgrading it with better quality film can have a number of surprising benefits for both you and your car.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we stand behind our economically priced window tint by backing it with a lifetime warranty. Check out these amazing benefits to installing automotive window tint in your vehicle and then give us a call to get your installation process started.


1.      Protect Your Skin - If you’ve ever had that awkward left arm driver suntan, you know that UV rays from the sun do penetrate your vehicle’s glass. In fact, even on cloudy days, the harmful UV rays from the sun put you at risk for skin cancer and melanoma.


You can eliminate 99 percent of these UV rays with window tint, protecting you as well as your passengers. When it comes to harmful sun damage, window tint is just as important for protecting your smaller passengers in the back seat as car seats are.


2.      Protect Your Interior - Anyone who has driven an older vehicle with dark fabric seats has likely seen the impact of the sun on a car’s interior. The sun’s UV rays can seriously discolor the upholstery in your vehicle, causing fading and uneven damage.


Because window tint eliminates most of the sun’s UV rays, you can keep your car seats looking great without having to shell out for tacky seat covers.


3.      Drive Safer- Few things are scarier than trying to drive under the glare of blinding sunlight. Window tint helps to minimize this bright glare, making it easier to see while you’re driving and keeping you and your passengers safe.


It also minimizes the glare from bright winter snow, something we see a lot of in Minnesota.


4.      Cool Off - During the summer, the interior of your vehicle can be unbearable. Even if you have great working AC, when you first get into your car after it’s been sitting a while, the seat belt metal can be its own hazard. Protect your fingertips and make it easier to cool down your car by adding a high quality window tint on your vehicle



Minnesota Auto Window Tinting Service

If you’re ready to upgrade your window tint or install it for the first time on your new ride, our car window tinting pros can fix you right up. Our high performing window films offer all the benefits of darker shades without breaking Minnesota or Wisconsin law. We also offer a wide range of other cosmetic auto services.


We can show you samples of our window tint options and help you decide which degree of tint is right for your vehicle. To get the ball rolling on your new automotive window tint, call us at 651.490.1060, or connect with us to learn more.