If you’re a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to keep your home safe for all of its occupants and protect it from damage. Many homeowners will go to great lengths to install high-quality locks or security systems on their homes, but they overlook a key opportunity for home security, window film. 3M window film is a residential safety and security film that is available in four different levels of protection.

At Sun Control of Minnesota serving the Twin Cities, our expert protective film installers can boost your home’s security by installing the level of protection that works best for you. This guide will walk you through the important ways 3M Security Film works to protect your home.

Shatter Resistance for Your Windows

One of the key benefits to using 3M Security Film is its shatter-proof properties. When your car is traveling down the road and is suddenly hit by a rock, chances are good that your windshield will remain intact with the rock simply bouncing away. This is because windshields use a binding agent that helps to prevent shattering.

That same binding agent is present in 3M Security and Safety Film. This means when an errant baseball flies your way, it is far less likely to break your window. It also makes it much more difficult for intruders to break into your windows.

3M Security Film can provide excellent shatter resistance for these glass surfaces:

●        Entry doors

●        Patio doors

●        Windows

Provides UV Protection

There’s nothing like a brightly lit living area to bring a little sunshine to your space. But over time, all of that dreamy light can cause your furniture, art, and rugs to fade. 3M Security Film offers UV protection so you don’t have to worry about unsightly fading on your treasured decor. The films come in different colors and levels of light permeation. They also come with a comprehensive warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Durable in Severe Weather

Window security films are protective against extreme weather conditions. They are made of polyester and vinyl material, both of which have strong durability. Due to this extra durability, your windows can withstand severe weather conditions such as hail storms or hurricanes.

The thicker the layers of window films, the better the window glass is for extreme environments. Moreover, the elastic component of the window film holds the glass together if the glass breaks in such conditions.

During severe weather such as a storm, debris is everywhere. This debris can shatter your windows and cause you damage.

However, if you have applied the security film to your window, it would be able to withstand such accidents. So window security films are not only protective in bad weather conditions but can also prevent damage to your windows.

Acts as a Shield Against Earthquakes and Bomb Blasts

Another benefit of window films is that they fix the glass firmly in the window frame. Due to such strong fixing, the glass doesn’t break under extreme conditions.

The window security film is a protective barrier against high-velocity flying glass or other debris in incidents such as earthquakes or bomb blasts. In addition to bomb blasts or earthquakes, the window security film also protects against other natural disasters.

Protects Against Intruders

Burglaries are getting common by the day, but thankfully, you can do something to protect yourself. Installing a 3M security film on your window can fortify your house against such burglaries.

This security film makes your window glass extremely hard to break. Installing a window security film would slow the burglars, or they’ll eventually give up and choose more accessible targets. A 3M security film can help prevent burglaries in your house and protects it against unwanted intruders.

Protects Against Vandalism

Vandalism is the deliberate action involving damaging or breaking private and public properties. A 3M security film is made up of polyester or vinyl compounds that make it resistant to such activities. It solidifies your fragile windows and makes it challenging to break them down.

Though the 3M security film serves as a protective layer, it is not entirely impenetrable. Overall, it is an excellent addition to your house, but be aware of its limitations too.

Prevents Temperature Imbalances

Window films block the excess sunlight and keep the temperature homogenous throughout your house.

If these window films do not cover your windows, you can expect temperature imbalances in your home. As a result, the sun-exposed areas would be warmer compared to shaded areas in your house. A 3M security film can help protect your house from these temperature imbalances and keeps it comfortable for you.

Minnesota 3M Safety and Security Film Installers

If you want to make sure your home’s security is at the top of its game, we can help get you started. Don’t let wild weather or vandals cause unnecessary damage to your home. Whether you are looking for shatter resistance or you are hoping to limit some of the UV damage to your furniture, our residential window tinting experts at Sun Control of Minnesota can help.

To schedule your residential safety film installation, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us to learn more about what we do.