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Honoring Your Donors with a Recognition Wall

Get ideas for creating a recognition wall to honor your donors from the custom signage experts at Sun Control of Minnesota.

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The Basics of Paint Protection Film

Learn about the benefits of using paint protection film and how it can protect your vehicle. We’ll talk about the history of clear bra paint protection and how the Minneapolis paint protection film service experts at Sun Control of Minnesota can help with clear bra installation for your car or fleet.

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How Window Film Makes a New Construction Home Safer

Find out about how residential window tinting can help make new construction homes safer from the window tint and decorative window film pros at Sun Control of Minnesota. Learn all about the benefits of installing window film on your Minnetonka new home build project.

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Clever Wall Wrap Retail Ideas

Learn about wall wrap solutions for your Minneapolis business brought to you by the commercial custom signage pros at Sun Control of Minnesota. Get ideas to help promote your business through the use of branding and customized signage for your walls.

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How Wall Pack Lights Protect Your Business

When you’re planning security solutions for your business, it can be difficult to know where to start. The best security solutions are multifaceted, incorporating a comprehensive approach using security innovations including exterior lighting to protect your business. Good exterior lighting is integral to keeping your customers and employees safe while protecting your property and facilities. One of the most common exterior lighting solutions is wall pack lighting.

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Getting the Perfect Lighting for Your Home Office

More Americans are working at home than ever before as we all pull together to help keep our communities safe. For many, working from home can create a unique set of challenges from caring for families and managing schoolwork to staying on top of deadlines from home. Success in a home office begins with having an appropriate space to work in, something that can be difficult when lighting is not conducive to a productive workday.

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Designing Your Custom Signage

As a retail establishment, one of the most important ways you connect with your customers is through well-placed signage throughout your store. A good sign can be the key to getting more out of your sales with upsells and add-ons while giving your customers a higher-quality experience. But deciding how to say what you’re trying to say is just as important as deciding you need a sign to begin with. It’s one thing to have an idea, but working with a designer to bring that idea to life can be its own unique challenge.

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Promote Your Business With a Vehicle Wrap

For business owners in the Digital Age, getting the word out about their product or service is more important than ever. If you can just get customers to see how great your business is, the results will speak for themselves. Unfortunately, for many small businesses, half the battle is getting the word out about what you do and how potential customers can learn more. One of the most exciting ways to maximize your marketing budget is by adding vehicle wraps to your company car or fleet.

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How to Improve Your Home With Residential Window Tint

Spring is in the air, and homeowners across Minnesota are breaking out their springtime to-do lists. With warmer weather and sunny days taking over, it’s the best time of year to start thinking about home improvements. But did you know you can significantly improve the comfort level and safety of your home without replacing all of your windows and doors? With 3M residential window tinting, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make dramatic improvements around your home.

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How Car Tint Makes for a Safer Ride

Have you ever been riding around in a hot car during the dead heat of summer? The experience can range from uncomfortable to downright miserable. Even with good air conditioning in your car, enough exposure to the sun’s direct rays can cause you to end up feeling dehydrated and in some cases, sunburned.

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