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Resolve to Improve Office Comfort in 2021

Resolve to make your office a more comfortable place this year with Twin Cities commercial window tinting from Sun Control of Minnesota.

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How Paint Protective Film Works in Winter

While all of that snow and ice transforms the landscape, it also transforms the road into a more hazardous place. When the roads are treated with sand and salt to make them safer for drivers, your car’s paint job can suffer.

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Automotive Wraps that Get Your Business Noticed

If you’re a business owner in the Twin Cities and you’re not using your car to advertise, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach a wide audience. These days, commercial car wraps are considered an integral part of commercial branding. Unlike most forms of advertising, car wraps are a one-time expense with a wide reach. They’re also a sure way to get people to notice your business.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Storefront

First impressions can make a huge impact, especially when it comes to retail storefronts. They also leave a lasting impression of your brand, which is why they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If your storefront signage is well-designed and engaging, it can draw customers in that otherwise might pass by to the next place.

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Protecting Wildlife With Decorative Window Film

Big, beautiful windows are a delight, especially if you live close to nature where you get to experience the splendor of Minnesota’s natural flora and fauna. Unfortunately, larger windows, especially those found on modern homes, can be bad news for birds.

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Making the Most of Your Holiday Signage

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for retail sales. If there’s any time of year when custom signage is important, it’s now. That’s why it’s important to develop a comprehensive plan that maximizes the value of your holiday signage.

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Wrapping Versus Painting Your Car

If you’ve ever thought about painting your car but hesitated due to the commitment or price tag, you may be surprised to learn that there’s another, less permanent option. Car wraps are an affordable way to upgrade the look of your ride without the hassle of a completely new automotive paint job. Sometimes referred to as color-change wraps, vehicle wraps and graphics give your ride the same professional look of a custom paint job in any style or graphic design.

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Stylish Ideas for Protecting Your Home’s Privacy

One of the greatest lighting challenges in a home is the ongoing struggle to get the perfect balance of natural light. There’s nothing quite like a sunny room filled with plenty of bright, natural daylight, but it comes with its own set of pitfalls like glare on screens and furniture fading. Natural light can also heat a home, causing energy bills to skyrocket.

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Protect Your Home from Thieves with Window Film

Although it’s still November, it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Twin Cities. As families start to string up holiday lights and make their holiday lists, burglars are starting to stake out easy targets. Every year, there is a significant uptick in burglaries from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve as thieves take advantage of the holiday season.

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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Get Auto Window Tint

It’s hard to believe it’s already October here in the Twin Cities region. It won’t be long before the coldest months are upon us. Even if you look forward to the snow, driving during the winter months can be a challenge.

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