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7 Ways to Boost Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Learn how you can boost your home’s energy efficiency in this post from the residential window tinting experts at Sun Control of Minnesota.

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9 Places to Put Decorative Window Film

When you run a business, your brand identity and image are everything. And one way to promote your company’s branding while protecting your business against UV radiation is with commercial decorative window film.

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7 Small Home Upgrades That Offer Big Advantages

If you have recently purchased a new house or are simply looking to remodel your current one, a few simple home upgrades can substantially improve your quality of life. Besides making your home more enjoyable, renovating your home can also increase its resale value in the long run.

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Discover the Benefits of 3M Home Window Tint

You put on your favorite playlist and settle into your favorite chair to take in the view of brilliant orange and yellow leaves drifting on the wind. But before long, the midday glare becomes insufferable, and the beam of solar heat reflected through the window isn’t helping. Frustrated, you close the blinds, darkening the inside of your home and shutting out the lovely autumn view.

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How Decorative Window Film Creates Privacy in Your Office

At Sun Control of Minnesota, our window tinting experts share some of the ways decorative window film can help your office. We talk about how window film can create privacy while adding to the professional, attractive look of your commercial office.

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How Security Film Can Protect Schools

Our security film installation team at Sun Control of Minnesota talks about the protective capabilities of security film. We discuss institutional applications for 3M security films and how they can come together to protect our school or learning institution from threats.

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Does Pollen Damage Car Paint?

Find out what pollen does to car paint and how our 3M window paint protection film can help in this post from Sun Control of Minnesota.

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Improve Your Workspace With Commercial Window Tint

If your vehicle has window tint, you know how effective it can be at blocking out the sun’s powerful UV light. Window tint for commercial businesses is more common today than it was in the past. Today’s window tint can also be combined with security film and storefront graphics for an added benefit.

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Why You Should Consider Vehicle Wraps for Your Fleet

When you’re getting the word out about your business, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you’ve got to spread the word and create a lasting, professional image. And in the Information Age, branding is everything. Having a strong brand identity captures the public’s imagination and reinforces the feelings you want them to have about your company or organization. If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles and they’re not branded visually, you may be missing an important opportunity.

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Decorative Window Film Ideas for Hotel Lobbies

Get beautiful decorative window film ideas for your hotel lobby in this post from the 3M window film installers at Sun Control of Minnesota.

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