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Three Great Reasons to Install Residential Window Film

Sometimes a product is so good it’s everywhere you look. That’s the case with 3M window film, which has been leading the sun control film industry since 1966 when they received their first window film patent. These days, you can find 3M films installed nearly everywhere you go in every part of the world. Millions of buildings both commercial and residential rely on 3M film to protect their interior and provide added safety from intruders and vandals.

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How Window Film Stacks Up to Shades

When your sun faces south, the level of sunlight you get during the daytime can be intense. It can be difficult to watch your favorite shows on TV or check your email with the sun’s bright glare on your screens. At the same time, the visible and invisible spectrum of light is also doing a number on your home’s interior by causing fading to your floor and furnishings. It can also cause your home to be less comfortable during warm weather by increasing your home’s internal temperature with solar heat.

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Two Great Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of purchasing a new vehicle. The fun of showing off your ride for the first time to friends and coworkers can only be rivaled by the thrill of taking it out on the open road for that first drive around town. But from the moment you drive your car off the lot, it’s going to be subjected to the wear and tear of daily driving. You can’t wrap your car in bubble wrap or lock it away and enjoy it. Does that mean you have to resign yourself to the fact that the paint will eventually get damaged and seats will someday begin to fade from sun damage?

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Using Window Film to Create Privacy

3M window film is popular for a number of reasons. It’s useful for blocking many of visible and invisible solar rays that cause glare and heat in your home, lowering your home’s energy costs. It can also be used to help reduce fading on your home’s furnishings or add security by making glass more difficult to break. But there’s another great reason to use 3M film in your home or business: creating privacy.

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How Interior Fading Occurs and How 3M Film Can Help

There’s nothing quite like the beauty and warmth of sunlight filtering into your home. However, as lovely as sunlight can be, all of those inviting, sunny windows can cause damage over time to your home’s interior furnishings. You may have noticed this effect when you moved a piece of furniture and realized that the floor or rug underneath it had faded. Fortunately, there’s no need to compromise beautiful views and warm sunlight to protect your belongings thanks to 3M window film.

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Preventing Sun Damage Has Never Been Easier

The sun is the center of our solar system, and brings light to our lives and greets us each morning. But its life-giving rays can also cause a good deal of damage. The sun emits many kinds of invisible and visible light, including X-rays, ultraviolet, and infrared. It’s many of those light forms combined that can cause damage to your home and even your skin.

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How Residential and Auto Window Tint Protects Your Skin

Have you ever moved the furniture around in your living room and realized your floor is fading? This happens because the sun’s UV rays are coming into your home and causing damage over time. Most of us understand the importance of applying sunscreen to our skin when we’re outdoors to protect against skin damage and cancer. But if your furnishings inside your home are fading from the sun’s UV rays, that means your skin is getting damaged, as well, even if it isn’t noticeable.

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Great Design Possibilities With Decorative Window Film

If you’re thinking of adding decorative glass in your retail establishment, church, home, or commercial space, it’s a great way to add flair and style. Unfortunately, it can also be quite costly to replace the glass throughout a facility. Additionally, a style or window solution that looks great now might not stand up to the trend changes of the future, which means it may need to be replaced again. One cost-effective alternative to complete glass replacement is the application of decorative and glass enhancement films.

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Stop Graffiti Artists With Graffiti Film

If you own a business that has been impacted by vandals, you know firsthand how much graffiti can cost. Graffiti tends to continue once it’s begun, which is why it’s important to deter vandals from damaging your property right away. One way to keep graffiti from costing you is by installing 3M Anti-Graffiti Film. This protective barrier was designed for glass and works as a cost-effective film to prevent vandalism on a wide range of glass and stainless steel surfaces.

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Protection Against Winter’s UV Rays

Winters are always cold in Minnesota, but according to the Farmer’s Almanac, this year is going to see more snow than usual. When you think about ice and snow from arctic weather, you probably think about bundling up and scraping the ice off of your vehicle before you step out to go to work. But there’s something else you should think about before you take off for your daily commute: the hidden damage caused by UV rays when the winter ground is snowy.

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