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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Get Auto Window Tint

Find out why auto window tint is the key to safe winter driving with auto window tinting service from Sun Control of Minnesota.

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Incorporating Signs Into Your Business

As a small business owner, signs are an important part of what you do. Having the right signs both inside and outside your building can be an effective way to showcase your brand and sell your product.

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How Residential Window Film Helps Keep Your House Warm

What is your home like during the colder winter months? Is it a warm and toasty sanctuary from the frozen world outside? Or does your home stay cold, forcing your family to bundle up in layers trying to stay comfortable?

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Why 3M Experts are the Best Choice for Your Car’s Paint Protection

There’s nothing like driving a new car home for the first time. From the new car smell to the pristine interior, everything about that first ride is memorable. But unfortunately, you know that from the moment you roll out onto the road, your car’s paint job is in danger of minor scratches and damage. Once you’ve put a few hundred miles on your car, it might still look great but the paint job will already begin to dull.

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Protecting Your Classic Car With Automotive Window Tint

There’s nothing like the smell and look of a brand-new car. But for those of us who appreciate classic rides, we know that there’s just something about an older vehicle that isn’t replicated on modern assembly lines. Maybe it’s the craftsmanship and the care that went into the design of a classic car. Or perhaps it’s just the experience of connecting with an era that’s long past and getting further in the rearview mirror every day.

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Point-of-Purchase Signage to Boost Your Sales

As a retail store owner or manager, you want to do everything you can to boost sales. One cost-effective way to boost your bottom line is through point-of-purchase signs. Point-of-sale signs have generated a lot of buzz recently in the marketing world because they’re an effective and affordable way for retail stores to sell products. In this post from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll talk about the value of point-of-purchase signs and how you can use them to increase your store’s sales. Give us a call to design your custom point-of-sale signs.

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Using Decorative Window Film for Privacy With Style

Working in a commercial office with glass walls can also make privacy a challenge. If you’re looking for the middle ground between office walls and a complete lack of privacy, decorative window film is an attractive solution.

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How Residential Window Film is a Greener Solution

Are your household energy costs where they should be? If your monthly energy bills are coming in higher than expected and you’re tired of dumping money into your utilities, your house is less efficient than it should be. One of the most common causes of energy use is solar heat. One way to make your home more sustainable is to add 3M residential window film to your home.

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Honoring Your Donors with a Recognition Wall

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in supporting their communities. Nonprofits depend on donors to keep their doors open. These donors are in many ways the beating heart of a nonprofit organization. Honoring donors gives nonprofits an opportunity to share their support with the community and incentivize new donors during the fundraising process.

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The Basics of Paint Protection Film

Learn about the benefits of using paint protection film and how it can protect your vehicle. We’ll talk about the history of clear bra paint protection and how the Minneapolis paint protection film service experts at Sun Control of Minnesota can help with clear bra installation for your car or fleet.

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