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3M Certified

3M Certified

Headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota, 3M is a global company specializing in the development and manufacturing of everyday products, from electronics to engineered materials for printing. Quality signs need four components to ensure the message stands out from the crowd: an effective design, a skilled graphics manufacturer, expert installers, and quality graphics materials. Therefore Sun Control of Minnesota has chosen to partner with 3M because we know its materials are the absolute best in the industry.

The 3M Advantage

  • Original 3M guarantee
    All 3M printed materials are guaranteed to last anywhere from three to seven years, depending on the specific materials used. This guarantee is unmatched by any graphics materials producer in the industry. In fact, signs that are constantly exposed to outdoor elements such as harsh wind and UV ray exposure are covered by this guarantee. Talk with one of our Sun Control of Minnesota’s specialists to learn more about the 3M guarantee and warranty information.
  • Weathering and durability tested
    3M recognizes a majority of its signage materials will experience the harsh elements outdoors. Therefore it uses a wide array of tests including 20 accelerated weathering tests, and other various proprietary tests, which are recognized worldwide. Weathering tests are conducted in 15 sites around the world and are overseen by the 3M Weathering Resource Center.
  • Sustainable materials
    3M has continued to produce graphics film materials of superior quality compared to other manufacturers in the industry. 3M’s advantage: the sustainability of its products. The company uses various testing methods, cutting-edge technology, and continuous quality control testing to ensure the best products are provided to its customers.
  • Wide array of signage solutions
    In product design and development, 3M uses new technologies to produce the most comprehensive product lines to make your vision a reality. It is the industry leader with its innovative digital printing materials, wide array of graphic films, and application tones available.
  • Reliable performance
    Sun Control of Minnesota guarantees the absolute best performance from the 3M products we use. All products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure quality and consistency for our clients every time.
  • Worldwide consistency and support
    Internationally, all 3M products are the same quality, ensuring that the same high standards are consistent throughout the world. Sun Control of Minnesota ensures the support you require in product design, selection, and installation are provided to our customers at all times.

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