Vehicle Graphics and Wraps


Vehicle Graphics and Wraps – Anything but Ordinary!

3M 1080 Wrap Film Series lets you create customization for your vehicle.

Stand out in the crowd with film series 1080. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors including carbon fiber, that offer a unique, head-turning look.


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3M 1080 WRAP Q & A  


1. What are the advantages of wrapping my vehicle?

Wraps can almost instantly give your vehicle a new and fresh look without the need for repainting.

2. How does a wrap compare to paint?

Wrap film is not permanent, making it fast and easy to change your mind or your color. In many cases, film can be a less expensive option.

3. How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

Simple designs take just a few hours, while a full wrap on a large, complex vehicle may take two or more days

4. How much does a wrap cost?

Cost is determined by several factors: how much of the vehicle is being wrapped, the film you select, the complexity of the processing, cutting and installation. Costs range from a few hundred dollars for stripes to a few thousand for a complete full wrap. For more detailed pricing, please contact us. 

5. What are my wrap options?

Your options range from a small emblem to a full wrap and everything in between. Signs, stripes, accents, swooshes and flares, body panels or the entire vehicle.

6. Can a wrap have more than one color?

Yes! Multiple colors are possible and add a special dash of personality to the design you choose.

7. Can wraps be installed over paint scratches, dents or rust?

Wrap film is very thin and flexible to allow it to conform beautifully to the contours of your vehicle, but that means it also conforms to any imperfection such as a scratch or dent, and that will show through. Rust is another matter. Wrap film will stick to the rust rather than the solid surface and finish of an undamaged vehicle, meaning the film will start to fall off when and where the rust does. Before spending the time and money to wrap a damaged or rusted vehicle, we recommend repairing it with auto repair filler and finish with an epoxy primer/sealer, OEM vehicle paint and/or clear coat. The finish on the repairs must be allowed to cure for the period of time specified by the manufacturer before applying film.




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