Paint Protection Film


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Commonly asked questions:

Q. Can the 3M paint protection film be applied to anything other than vehicles?
A. Yes, we have done a number of custom installations for boats, motorcycles and RVs. We would be happy to create a custom solution for you.

Q. Does 3M paint protection film require special care?
A. No, the film can be treated just as any other surface on your vehicle.

Q. How much time is required for installation?
A. A standard installation can be completed in about 1-4 hours, but time can vary depending on the vehicle make, model and amount of coverage selected.

Q. What kind of warranty will I receive?
A. All of our products are covered not only by Sun Control, but also 3M. If you have any problems we are always more than willing to have you come in to our shop and we will help until you are happy with our installation.

Q. My car isn’t brand new, can I still get protective film?
A. Yes, brand new cars present less challenges because they have little to no current damage, but 3M paint protection film can be applied to any vehicle.

Q. Can the film be removed?
A. Yes, if the film ever needs to be removed, 3M guarantees it will come off without damaging the original manufactured paint job.