How did Paint Protection Film Originate?


Have you ever wondered how paint protection film came about? Well, you may be surprised.

It was first used for the military. During the war, the blades on helicopters were severely damaged from the sand abrasions they were encountering. Maintenance engineers were looking for something that would protect the blades and lengthen the lives of these machines. So they invented a thick film that would cover the blades and prevent some of the abrasive eroding they were encountering in the sandy environments. It was a very successful solution to their problem.

Years later, the film entered the automotive market to help prevent the wear and tear on vehicles. It was reformulated and is now a highly flexible urethane film, custom cut to every vehicle, and fitting every contour. The film is a lot less thick and more conformable, making it easier to deal with and apply to the vehicle.

And that is how paint protection film evolved!

From This…..


  To This….!!


Pretty neat huh? 
We’d like to thank the Window Film Magazine for the interesting information!