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Commercial Window Tint

Our 3M Sun Control window tint / window films will help reduce the energy costs, increase the tenant’s comfort and provide you with the protection from the sun damage and the UV rays. It will also help control the hot spots, and add valuable safety to your windows. Whether it is sun control film, safety film, decorative film, or anti-graffiti film, our films are designed to help you and cater to your needs.  Check out our Media Page for more information.

“Randy, I very rarely take the time to write about anything but I had to drop you a note to express to you how impressed I am with your operation. I would be happy to give you a reference and have already referred you to some friends that I think could use your system.
Thank you for the great service and I commend you on a great business and a wonderful staff.”–Paul Chapin CEO, Initio Advertising

Sun Control of Minnesota is proud to be a 3M Large Commercial Window Tint Certified Dealer!
 3M Commercial Window Tint Dealer 

 If you would like to view how different films will look please visit our Window Tint Simulator page.

Commercial Window Tint / Window Film Provides:  

Energy Efficiency

Reduced Hot Spots

Valuable Window Safety

Improved Shatter-Resistance

Glare Reduction
Protection against Fading and UV RaysAdded Privacy

Crime Prevention

Severe Weather Protection

Graffiti Management


Safety/Security Films: 

3M Safety and Security films and the attachment systems were designed to maintain the integrity of the building. They help hold the shattered glass together during severe weather conditions, accidental impact, or vandalism.

They were designed to not change the appearance of the windows, allowing up to 70% of the light in through your windows. Also, they help reduce the fading and protect your furnishings.

These films are strong, tear-resistant and have the ability to block out the heat.

They also help deter smash and grab crimes and slow down forced entry.


BOMB BLASTS                                                                GRAFFITI                                                                           STREET CRIME

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