3M Safety/Security Window Film

SAFETY/SECURITY WINDOW FILM Sometimes the threat is from nature, other times people. But no matter where the threat comes from, 3M Safety and Security Films can help you prepare for the worst. 3M Safety and Security films and the attachment systems were designed to maintain the integrity of the building. They help hold the shattered […]

The History of 3M Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)

HISTORY OF 3M PAINT PROTECTION FILM (CLEAR BRA): The automotive clear bra is a urethane film that can be applied to the impact areas of cars — such as the hood, side mirrors, doors, and bumpers — to protect their paint finishes from environmental hazards such as stone chips, bug impacts, and other road debris. […]

Security Film in Schools

Yesterday, one of our sales representatives visited a School that has interest in our 3M Security Film for interior classroom windows as well as exterior classroom windows. Adding a layer of Protection to slow down forced entry. We discussed that this IS NOT bullet proof film, but is part of the security puzzle. Check this product […]

Did You Know?

Did you know that even though the sun isn’t shining, and the clouds look heavy, the dangerous UV rays are still penetrating through? Even though it may be winter, you are still encountering these UV rays, whether you’re in your car, or your home. Stay protected all year round, and apply window film that blocks […]

How Does Window Film Perform During the Winter?

You may believe that having window film on your windows during the winter months isn’t a good thing. But you’d be surprised at how well it performs. Whether it is blocking out the harmful UV rays (99.9%), cutting down the glare, reducing the condensation on the windows, helping prevent fading and even providing some insulation to […]

Product Information on 3M Window Films

Are you interested in 3M Window Films? Take a look at the information listed below to help you make a decision. We have listed the main points and information for the 3 most popular sun control film choices in residential and commercial uses. Here are a few of the 3M films that we carry: Prestige:  […]

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Work We Go!

No job is too big or too small for us. For the next few weeks we will be installing safety and security window film on over 1,200 windows at Fort McCoy in Sparta, WI. These windows will be enhanced with a very strong, clear safety film to help protect against threats. If you are thinking […]

Protect Yourself From the MONSTERS this Halloween with Safety & Security Window Films!

Halloween is right around the corner. Things start to creep and crawl around your home, whether it’s kids dressed up in costumes or zombies in the masses, you need to make sure to protect yourself and your valuables. That is why we suggest 3M Safety and Security window films. If you’re afraid of an unwanted […]

Are You Experiencing Fading? Window Films Can Help.

Protect your investment. The damaging sunlight filtering in through your windows, is causing your wood floors, fabrics, curtains, furniture and other valuables to fade. Help keep your home looking great with 3M window films. What Causes Fading?  There are three main culprits that cause fading; UV Rays, Visible sunlight and Solar heat. So How Can […]

Choosing Window Film is just as Important as Choosing Your Insurance Company

   Choosing your Insurance Company is an important decision. You check around for the most knowledgeable, the best rate, the highest quality, remarkable customer service and who to trust. So why not factor these in when choosing your window film company? Trust in us, and we will guide you on the right path with our knowledge, […]