Looking for Daylight? Try 3M Daylight Redirecting Film

‘Tis the season for short and dark days. And it seems like it’s impossible to have an encounter with daylight during the workweek, but did you know that 3M can help bring more light into your life and workspace? 3M Daylight Redirecting Film brightens the space by bouncing the light further into the room. See […]

Printable 3M Films

  With our in-house designers there are no limits when it comes to printing. Custom printed films can be applied to walls, glass, floors, ceilings and doors and can completely transform your space. We turn any design into digital printing and production–creating artwork that speaks. Trends and styles change, so instead of spending large amounts of money replacing […]

Keep the Dangers Out with 3M Safety Film

Since windows are the most vulnerable entry points within your home, why not protect with 3M Safety/Security Window Films? When secured with the attachment system, these films hold the glass in the frame when the break occurs–allowing precious time to react and help keep unwanted intruders out. Benefits: Mitigates hazards from shattered glass during natural […]

Don’t Fall for Fading

No doubt, Autumn is one of the prettiest times of the year in Minnesota with the beautiful fall foliage. But it can also be damaging. Just because it is getting cooler and cloudy doesn’t mean you’re protected. Window films provide 99% UV protection, help cut the glare, and can also help insulate the glass. It […]

Climate Control for Your Home

  3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film is a low emissivity, or “Low E,” window film that helps improve the insulation value of a typical single-pane window close to that of a double-pane window, and of a double-pane close to that of a triple-pane. Application of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film is much, much […]

How to Make Older Home Windows More Energy Efficient

Whether we like it or not, Summer has come to an end, Fall is upon us and now is the best time to begin considering home improvements to make your house more energy efficient before the cooler temperatures arrive. One of the best ways to improve energy efficiency is by making your window openings perform […]

Is Your School Safe?

Windows are the most vulnerable point in schools and the workplace. It is an easy way for intruders to gain access into the building. In a recent article from Business Insider they provided multiple ways you can add security within your building. One of the first things listed was Safety/Security Window Film. By adding this and the […]

There are Better Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

Brainstorming on how you can protect your investment? Skip the bubble wrap and bring on 3M’s Paint Protection Film and Window Films. Paint protection film is a virtually clear urethane film that offers unrivaled protection from almost anything the outside world can throw at it. And window films? Not only will they protect your interior […]

Design Your Space with Window Film

el Design your space with window films. There’s not much you can’t achieve with decorative window films. We love being able to see our customers visions come to life. We have an in-house designer which allows us to better assist you. And since we also do all of our own printing and cutting, it helps cut […]

Don’t Let the Sun Be Your Interior Designer

Even though summer is quickly coming to an end and you may not be thinking about the sun in the next coming months—you should still consider protecting your investments and yourself. While most everyday windows filter UVB rays, the UVA rays still penetrate through the glass. These harmful UV rays cause your furniture to fade […]