Another great article by our friends at Window Film Pros! See how you can save on energy costs in your home with Window Films. -Sun Control Staff   How to Save on Home Energy Costs this Summer with Window Films  

3M Window Film–It’s Like SPF 1,000

Summer is almost here. And while it’s fun to enjoy the sunny, warm weather, you should also keep in mind that the sun can be dangerous. A trip to the lake sounds like a perfect weekend getaway in Minnesota. But are you sure you have the essentials? Beach towel, swimsuit, sunglasses, sunblock and window film? You […]

Combat the Sun with Window Film

Now that the summer months are approaching, the sun can be an annoyance. Whether it’s the excessive heat, the uncontrollable glare, higher energy costs, or fading, the sun tends to be the main culprit. Since we only get so much sun in Minnesota it is nice to have the light filter through. But how can […]

Daylight Redirecting Film

Redirect the light in your building and improve comfort, enjoy a brighter space, and reduce energy costs. 3M’s Daylight Redirecting film is a simple cost effective and low maintenance solution compared to many other light redirecting options. But how does this film work? First, the film is applied to the upper portion of the window. When […]

3M Safety Film

3M Safety and Security Film provides precious time and helps deter criminals. Not only can it be used in homes, commercial/retail and government buildings, but also in schools and automobiles. Protect the ones you love most and feel at ease with 3M Safety Film. Watch the videos below to see the film in action and […]

Recent Work Update!

With the weather being so dreary, we thought we’d showcase some of our recent work to brighten up your day. Check out some of our favorite before and after photos below! It is crazy how impactful window film can be.   

Help Control the Glare with Window Film

Now that spring has arrived, (despite the snow last night!) the sun has been making more of an appearance. The  morning and afternoon sun can be annoying, especially if you are working on your computer or enjoying a TV show. Lots of glare, excessive heat and the bright sun can be irritating and make it […]

Choosing the Right Film for Your Car

There are a few options when it comes to window film for your vehicle and knowing the difference can play a big role. Not all window films are created the same which is why we only carry reputable manufacturers that are backed by a lifetime warranty. You spend a lot of money on your car, […]

Connect with Wall Graphics

Does your brand connect with customers? In a world of digital connectivity, creating the initial in person brand experience is crucial. Easy, effective and inviting, wall graphics are a great way to upscale your office; bringing personality to your space. Also engaging your employees– wall graphics will make your team feel more connected and help […]

Anti Graffiti Film Protection

Protect your property and maintain your image with 3M Anti Graffiti Film. Offering solutions when it comes to protecting glass surfaces, Graffiti Film helps protect against all forms of graffiti and tagging such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges. Susceptible areas include retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. Anti-graffiti coatings also provide a protective barrier in elevators, […]