Does Window Film Work in the Winter Months?

  You may believe that having window film on your windows during the winter months isn’t a good thing. But you’d be surprised at how well it performs. Whether it is blocking out the harmful UV rays (99.9%), cutting down the glare, reducing the condensation on the windows, helping prevent fading and even providing some insulation […]

Our New Shop!

Did you know we recently moved?! And one of the most exciting things (Dunkin’ Donuts!) happens to be right next door. It is almost a win-lose situation for us (if you know what we mean!) Although we didn’t chose our new neighbor, we did plan some of our projects in our new space. Having tall ceilings […]

Managing the Sun’s Heat with Window Film

Window Films are constructed in many ways to provide an array benefits. Click the link below for more great information from Window Film Pros! Managing the Sun’s Heat with Window Film    

See How Window Films Take Part in a Healthy Lifestyle

Another great article by our friends at Window Film Pros about how window films are becoming more popular with sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Window films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and have many other benefits as well. Click the link below to see how you can take part in a healthy lifestyle involving […]

3M Safety and Security

Why 3M Safety & Security Window Film?   3M Security Window Films deliver solutions that help solve complicated needs. They have been designed specifically to help protect against forced entry, windstorms, bomb blasts, and explosions. 3M Safety/Security Films offer a cost effective alternative to replacing glass.These films and the attachment systems were intended to maintain […]

Three Reasons You Need Window Film in Your Home

An awesome post by The Window Film Pros as to why window film in your home is a great choice. Read more by clicking the link! (P.S. We offer free in home estimates!) Three Reasons You Need Home Window Film  

Keep Your Tenants Comfortable all Year Round with Window Film

Keep your space an even temperature and your tenants comfortable with 3M Window Films. Minnesota’s weather is never predictable, whether its the hot summer days that are only enjoyed for a short period of time or the brisk winter months we experience 9 months out of the year; with window film you can achieve a […]

Window Film Cleaning & Maintenance

Important details about Sun Control Window Film and maintenance for residential and commercial window film applications.   As with all products containing an adhesive system, a drying time is necessary for the achievement of the proper bond to the window. During this process, some changes may be observed. So that you will understand these differences, […]

6 Reasons People Tint Their Windows

6 Reasons People Tint Their Windows  

What Are the Benefits of Window Film?

Many people believe window tint is dark and mainly used to achieve a darker aesthetic. But low and behold there are a variety of options available and many benefits of window film. Sun Control window films can be used to reduce the glare, excessive heat gain, and it blocks out 99% of the sun’s harmful […]