Wall Graphic Project Spotlight

This cold Minnesota air hurts our face… but we are slowly warming up as we creep into Spring! Especially when we can escape and stare at pretty graphics like this one! This light and bright wall graphic gets our gears turning as we anxiously await warmer temperatures. Our Rockstar Team produced and installed this amazing […]

Why You Should Consider Window Film

  Window film may not sound like your cup of tea. Often, most consumers believe window film is dark and reflective. But that is not always the case. Window Films have come a long way in the last 50 years and so has the technology behind them. Our most popular products are 3M’s Prestige and […]

Window Insulation for Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency

  We wanted to share this great proof of technology regarding window insulation using 3M Thinsulate window film that can improve your home comfort and energy efficiency. This client has a variety of windows that they wanted to insulate from the heat leaving in the Winter and the Heat entering in the Summer. It was […]

Protect Your Loved Ones & Property with 3M Home Security Window Film

Protect your property even on a budget. From break-and-enter crimes to accidents and natural disasters, 3M Home Security Window Film provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your home, protecting family and belongings. Glass doors and windows are among the most vulnerable points of entry into homes and also pose one […]

Super Bowl Safety

  We’re all looking forward to the upcoming Super Bowl, and fingers crossed our beloved team will make it there! The Super Bowl brings so much joy but with all the joy that it does bring, there is also stress and fear that come along. Today’s world can be a scary place, but making necessary […]

Put Your Windows to Work with Window Film

You fell in love with your home because of those windows. But those windows can be an annoyance. Whether they are letting in too much sun and glare, damaging your furnishings or you’re experiencing too many hot or cold spots, window films can help. Easier and more affordable than replacing your windows, 3M™ Window Films […]

3M Low E Window Film Save Money and Control Your Home’s Climate

With the cooler temperatures already arriving, have you ever considered using a 3M Low E Window Film to help insulate your windows? This innovative technology is called 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film and it will help save money and control the climate inside your home by enhancing the insulating value of your existing windows. […]

Looking for Daylight? Try 3M Daylight Redirecting Film

‘Tis the season for short and dark days. And it seems like it’s impossible to have an encounter with daylight during the workweek, but did you know that 3M can help bring more light into your life and workspace? 3M Daylight Redirecting Film brightens the space by bouncing the light further into the room. See […]

Printable 3M Films

  With our in-house designers there are no limits when it comes to printing. Custom printed films can be applied to walls, glass, floors, ceilings and doors and can completely transform your space. We turn any design into digital printing and production–creating artwork that speaks. Trends and styles change, so instead of spending large amounts of money replacing […]

Keep the Dangers Out with 3M Safety Film

Since windows are the most vulnerable entry points within your home, why not protect with 3M Safety/Security Window Films? When secured with the attachment system, these films hold the glass in the frame when the break occurs–allowing precious time to react and help keep unwanted intruders out. Benefits: Mitigates hazards from shattered glass during natural […]