Design Your Space with Window Film

el Design your space with window films. There’s not much you can’t achieve with decorative window films. We love being able to see our customers visions come to life. We have an in-house designer which allows us to better assist you. And since we also do all of our own printing and cutting, it helps cut […]

Don’t Let the Sun Be Your Interior Designer

Even though summer is quickly coming to an end and you may not be thinking about the sun in the next coming months—you should still consider protecting your investments and yourself. While most everyday windows filter UVB rays, the UVA rays still penetrate through the glass. These harmful UV rays cause your furniture to fade […]

How to Protect Against Vandalism with Graffiti Film

Prevent damage before it happens by installing 3M Anti Graffiti Film. Designed as a protective surface barrier to the glass, this cost effective solution helps maintain your image as a business and saves valuable time. Graffiti film can be used for elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors, glass countertops, and stainless steel and glass surfaces. How Does Graffiti […]

Sun Safety with 3M Window Film

Have you noticed your favorite couch turning a different color or your carpet starting to disintegrate because it’s been exposed to the sunlight? Have you ever thought of what the sun can do to your skin when you’re near a window without coverings? Often times windows are overlooked. And although we enjoy the open feeling […]

So Many Possibilities with Decorative Films & Graphics

Trends and styles change, so instead of spending large amounts of money replacing glass, you can update your appearance by simply changing the look of the decorative film.  Full color printing and computer cutting in house allows for limitless design possibilities for your graphic overlays.  We carry an array of glass enhancement and decorative films to help you achieve […]

Staying Cool & Comfortable with 3M Window Film

There’s nothing quite like a Minnesota summer. The smell of fresh cut grass, enjoying a boat ride and embracing the warm breeze on the lake and most importantly, let’s not forget about the hot summer sun. There is something so special when you wake up and see the sun shining through your windows—-But sometimes the […]

Do You Wear Sunscreen Indoors?

If your sofa or your floors are fading just think of the harm the sun is causing your skin. Not many people know about window film or the benefits, but window films offer a multitude of advantages. Window films not only reduce fading but they help keep you safe while inside your home. They block […]

Casper Cloaking Film


How to Increase the Range in Your Electric/Hybrid Car with Window Film

More and more people are investing in hybrid/electric cars. With the Tesla Model X having a perfect crash test rating, it seems to be a no brainer. And with the ever so creeping gas prices, electric and hybrid cars are becoming very popular. But did you know that automotive window films can actually help your […]

Sun Protection with Window Film

Enjoying the outdoors is what us Minnesotans look forward to come spring and summer. But there are sneaky dangers you’re encountering when you’re outside, as well as the inside that you might not be aware of. And these dangers occur year round. For starters, you wear sunscreen and sunglasses when you’re outside. But just because […]